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Bricksy are cute creatures based on 408 hand-drawn features that love to fight, build, and hunt for treasure!

Becoming part of the bricksy collection means belonging to a large community that believes in blockchain and the value of unique digital artworks. Our NFTs are created in collaboration with international artists of high calibre. Build a collection and use them to play in an ever-expanding universe of games!

Monster Bricksy

Monster Bricksy

Heroes Bricksy

Heroes Bricksy

Magic Bricksy

Magic Bricksy

Citizen Bricksy

Citizen Bricksy

Pirate Bricksy

Pirate Bricksy

Crazy Bricksy

Crazy Bricksy

Collect. Battle. Earn.

Build a collection and use them to play in an ever-expanding universe of games!

Collect and Upgrade your unstoppable Bricksy characters and conquer your enemies' items! Each Bricksy has unique strengths and weaknesses based on its build and experience points.

With infinite combinations each challenge will be unique.

We want to create a new kind of game, partially owned and operated by its players. Explore new lands, find treasures, build items and trade in BRY. Let's build together a new way of playing and earning.



We want to raise awareness of Bricksy and engage users, with clarity, fairness and transparency. After getting into the whitelist you can receive Free Mint or 20% off the sale price (according to the offer) and also have an equipment and BRY coin in Bricksy Metaverse. Everyone involved in the presale will have the chance to claim exclusive bricksy NFTs, of which only 10 will be available.

Bricksy NFT Launchpad

Projects under development on bricksy Launchpad will receive at least 80% of the proceeds from sales. Of which 10% will go to bricksy NFT holders and the remaining 10% will go to cover Launchpad costs.

Metaverse Foundations - 2022/Q3-2023/Q1

DONE - city development: enter in the bricksy city and meet friends!

DONE - friendship management system, friendship request and acceptance

DONE - chat functionality in game

Battle System - 2023/Q1-2023/Q2

Appereal status personalization;

- We will integrate wallet to personal and unique NFT.

- Strengths, weaknesses and experience points system

- Battle Arena and Other necessary features


- Bricksy entrance into the metaverse. You can fully control your personal Bricksy and use the avatar to explore Bricksyland, complete missions, EARN.

- Internal game coin system

- Maps Creation and exploring features

- Trading systems and market

- Other necessary features

To the Future

Bricksy will interact with other metaverse projects...!!!

NFT Bricksy collections


Bricksy will become the first collection to fuse incredible artistic and P2E utilities.

Bricksy Collection is an exclusive NFTs collection. Official Pre-Sale Minting for bricksy collection becomes available for whitelist/community members. After getting into the whitelist you can receive FREE Mint or 20% off the sale price (according to the offer). Everyone involved in the presale will have the chance to claim exclusive Bricksy NFTs special edition, of which only 10 will be available.

Join the bricksyCollection community and see for yourself.

Meet the Team


Founding Bricksy

Lorenzo is a marketing creative specializing in the graphic design of visual identities that he then connects to e-commerce. Thanks to his great expertise and foresight, in 2008 he won the first prize of the New Ideas New Businesses Awards in Italy for an innovation and marketing project related to the e-commerce sector. He is both very creative and Internet savvy, and decided to bring his web2 knowledge and experience into the web3 world to build something meaningful and exceptional.


Founder & Marketing

Federica alias Chicca is an experienced leader who works with a positive and constructive spirit in whatever she does. She has had several successful businesses and has prioritized quality and perfection. Thanks to numerous business (and also leisure) trips to many parts of the world, she manages to keep an open mind to the opportunities the web offers, intercepting the most important trends. An expert in web marketing and a big fan of games, she decided to bring her expertise from web2 to web3 to build something special. Happy mom of Toussaint (8 years old), she loves playing with him from which she draws strength and inspiration for her projects.

Fede | Artist

Jacopo | Developer

Tanzil | Moderator

Namjus | Collabs

Andrii | Collabs

Marco | Collabs

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There will be a minimum of 10.000 bricksy available. Mint price: TBA (to be announced)

TBA (to be announced) - from 50 to 200 $

bricksy collection features 10,000 unique, algorithmically generated metaverse characters from over 408 hand-drawn traits with different levels of rarity. The rarest traits have the lowest % chance of being found among the bricksy and each trait has a corresponding rarity score. The sum of all the trait scores of one bricksy marks the total score for the character in our overall Ranking Table. Note: no two bricksy are exactly alike, and each one of them can be officially owned by a single person on the blockchain.

When you purchase a bricksy, you own that NFT and have a worldwide license to use, copy, and display the purchased bricksy for commercial and personal uses. Examples of commercial use would be the use of the Art to produce and sell merchandise products (T-Shirts etc.), displaying copies of the Art or by licensing the exact, unmodified Art to a writer looking for an artwork for a book. When you purchase a bricksy, you can earn revenue from the marketplaces that permit the use and sale of bricksy generally, provided that the marketplace cryptographically verifies each bricksy owner’s.

We are especially proud of the utility we offer holders. So much more than membership to an exclusive club. All holders of bricksy will gain access to the following benefits: Ownership in any Apparel Brand by bricksy Labs, Free bricksy NFT Upgrade (metaverse ready avatar), Guaranteed WL for all Next-gen Projects - Exclusive access to bricksy Colony in Metaverse, Holders Only Giveaways & Raffles (ETH, NFTs, Vacations, & Merch), Community Roles & Privileges in bricksy Factions, Voting rights for bricksy Fund Community Wallet and more!

100% Original, Hand-drawn Art High quality, unique collectible characters from internationally renowned artists. All holders get a metaverse-ready bricksy for Free. Bullish Roadmap IRL meetups, developing metaverse land and ecosystem. Great Utility Long-term value for holders is our #1 priority.

Strong Backend Support Experienced. Amazing Community Beautiful people gathered around powerful principles. Collabs & Merch Exciting partnerships to bring you great opportunities and epic stuff. Supports Good Causes Community driven bricksy. Fund gives back to charity.

NFT stands for "non-fungible token" which are unique digital items that are stored and encrypted on the blockchain that people can buy, own, and trade.

NFTs can simply be digital art but can have various benefits. They can be treated like membership cards where holders get exclusive access to things like websites, events, merchandise, and more.

We offer several ways for you to get on our whitelist for early + lower cost mint. Social media giveaways and discord levels/invites make it available for anyone who wants it. Please head over to our discord server and read the information channel # Get Whitelisted!

1. Sign up for Metamask or Coinbase Wallet and download the extension on your internet browser.
2. Make sure you have enough Ethereum in your wallet to cover the total cost including gas fees.
3. On mint day, there will be a Connect button at the top of our website to connect to your wallet.
4. Click on the mint button and you will be prompted to sign for your transaction. There will be a fee associated with every transaction related to gas prices.
5. Once you have made your purchase, your bricksy NFTs will appear in your wallet and on Opensea!

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